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Welcome To DoingItBlind

I am Jen Ferris.
I went from being an abandoned blind child on the streets of southern India to an independent adult now living in Canada and operating the Doing It Blind website. Read more of my journey on the Who Is Jen Ferris page.

Photo Caption: Jen takes a moment to relax on the grass in a local park with her guide dog Clipper

At Doing It Blind, visitors learn about setting high expectations and adopting a “no limits” philosophy. When blind and sighted people believe in a world of endless possibilities, blind and visually impaired individuals gain independence, confidence, freedom and self sufficiency in work, school, play, community involvement and all other facets of life.

Make It Yours

Whether you are a parent or you are an educator of a blind or visually impaired child, Doing It Blind is your community and number one resource for raising and educating a blind or visually impaired child or student.

  • Tell me about your needs and wants to help you integrate your child into mainstream society.
  • Talk to me about the type of support you would like.
  • Tell me about the types of resources you want to access.
  • Ask me your burning questions about living and doing things blind.
  • Have you been scratching your head about the best strategies to use and techniques to employ when trying to teach your child a particular skill or task? Feel free to ask me for a video demonstration on the step-by-step actions and activities to be certain your child achieves mastery.
  • Do you want to hear an interview from a particular blind or visually impaired individual? Simply suggest a specific podcast topic or guest interview.
  • Do you wonder how specific toys or books will benefit the skills development of your blind or visually impaired child? Don’t be shy. Get in touch.
  • Are you curious about the best time to introduce Braille? Or maybe you wonder if you should even consider Braille as an option for reading? Ask your questions on the parent and educator forum and get answers from the people who have gone through it.
  • Are you struggling to determine which age-appropriate tasks and activities can be accomplished by your blind or visually impaired child? Connect with Doing It Blind and let’s talk.
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed in raising or educating your blind or visually impaired child? You don’t have to go about this alone. Join the members only community to hear stories from other parents and educators and contribute your own experiences.
  • Do you crave more time for yourself? Let’s chat about offloading some age-appropriate responsibilities onto your blind or visually impaired child so that you have more time for self indulgences.
  • Are you feeling as though you haven’t exactly gotten the support and guidance you need or want from nonprofit organizations in raising and educating your blind or visually impaired child? Doing It Blind fills that gap and will serve you in the manner you need and the time you want and in the way which will best provide freedom for yourself and your child.
Doing It Blind is here for you to address your concerns and questions about making the best life for you and your children.

Changing Perceptions

Doing It Blind is about changing the perceptions, beliefs, attitudes, conventions, understanding and knowledge of being blind. Living with blindness or a visual impairment and independently performing everyday ordinary daily living activities is an EXPECTATION and a MUST. And it’s all possible … when parents and educators have the notions, ideas, thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that blind or partially sighted children and students CAN and WILL do everything and be anything and go anywhere.

Doing It Blind will help you to realize that being blind or partially sighted is not a deficiency or a defect or a broken person. There is huge potential for high skills, high competence, extraordinary capabilities and tremendous capacity. And Doing It Blind works to outfit parents and educators with tools, techniques, knowledge and strategies to bring out the highest potential in blind or partially sighted children and students.

A life with blindness or low vision is not challenging or cumbersome; this way of life just is. … And that’s that. Yes, of course there are slight adaptations in performing activities. And things may be achieved in a slightly different manner from the way a sighted person performs the same activities, but so what? It’s just the way it is. The first step is to accept things are and will be different … not impossible.

For Parents and Educators

Doing It Blind is an online and in-person resource for parents and educators of blind and low vision children. Raising and educating independent self sufficient children isn’t an easy endeavour under normal circumstances. And when you have a child who is blind or has low vision, the task is even more challenging, not to mention scary. … Oh, and so overwhelming. But, you don’t have to go about this task on your own

Doing It Blind will be in YOUR back pocket for support, advice, guidance, recommendations, proven strategies, hands-on tactics and mentorship.

Doing It Blind is your one-stop resource for ensuring your child is active and fully engaged in home, school, neighborhood and community environments. Read through the multiple pages of information, written to guide and support you on this journey of raising and educating blind and low vision children. Get involved in the Doing It Blind Parents and Educator Community forum exclusively geared towards Doing It Blind community members. Ask Doing It Blind your questions. Express your concerns. Talk through your worries. Reach out with your fears. Share your child’s successes. Doing It Blind is here for you now and will be here for you as your child grows and develops into various life stages.

Raising Employment Ready Adults

The goal of Doing It Blind is to drastically reduce the unemployment rate of blind and visually impaired adults. Blind and visually impaired children do not have to grow up and be reliant on social assistance or other government funding programs. Or worse, yet, to be physically and financially reliant on you, the parent, in your retirement years. In fact, the expectation is for blind and partially sighted adults to be gainfully and meaningfully employed or self employed.

The process to successful employment STARTS WITH YOU, the parents and educators of blind and visually impaired children.
  1. Your blind and visually impaired child or student can be gainfully employed or be self employed adults and the first step starts by banishing your own perceptions and stereotypes of blindness. Doing It Blind challenges parents and educators to adopt the mindset where a world of endless possibilities exists. A world of ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES results from believing in, wanting more for, expecting more for and demanding more of your child or student.
  2. Secondly, Doing It Blind emphasizes the need to eliminate physical boundaries, remove restrictions and reduce confinements. Doing It Blind stresses the importance of providing the space, freedom and latitude for:
    • Developing capacities,
    • Building skills,
    • Analyzing situations,
    • Problem solving,
    • Exploring environments,
    • Sequencing steps in tasks,
    • Action oriented,
    • Following through,
    • Using good strategies,
    • Gaining intelligence,
    • Decision making,
    • Processing information,
    • Critical thinking,
    • Challenging conventions and
    • Being socially competent.
    Children need mastery of these traits early in childhood to overcome employment barriers, social stereotypes and conventional rules later in their adulthood.
  3. Thirdly, Doing It Blind encourages setting high expectations and high standards for performance of blind and visually impaired children to facilitate and promote achievement of worthy goals, attain success, gain freedom and be independent.

Doing It Blind supports, guides and advises you, parents and educators, to build the road for employment and navigate around the barriers to employment for your blind or partially sighted child or student.

Doing It Blind recognizes the skills for integration into mainstream society and these later employment ready adult skills begin forming from the moment when feet are kicking, arms are waving, hands are grabbing things, sounds are tracked with the turn of the head, vocal noises are made, rolling around, crawling freely and climbing ensues. For parents and educators of blind and visually impaired children and students, Doing It Blind partners with you to enhance every skill at every stage of development to ensure your child performs at the absolute highest peak. Doing It Blind will recommend strategies, techniques, tools, methods, tactics, toys and books to facilitate tactile touching, enhance auditory sensing and promote physical movement. You need a successful blind adult on your team who has gone through it all and lives independently.

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