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Welcome to the blog of Doing It Blind. I will post Doing It Blind news events, various musings and my whereabouts in the world so that we can have in-person meetups in your backyards.


Check back frequently for new content on this blog or on the static webpages. My intent is to publish webpages of content designed to support parents and educators of blind and visually impaired children. I will also create content pages for blind entrepreneurs and job seekers. These audience portals will contain relevant content for your particular community.


Also, I would encourage you to join the community forums and actively post comments, questions and concerns in these forum areas. I and the other community members are here to support and guide you in whatever process you’re going through. You never know who will show up to offer suggestions and guidance!


Remember! It may not necessarily be professional advice. But it is expert advice based on our life experiences.

Use what you can incorporate into your life. Leave that which does not work for you. And offer what you can to support others.